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How simple is it to invest in segregated funds?



You may want to consider using segregated funds when the market is offering low snail-paced returns on guaranteed term deposits.

The following advantages, make investing in segregated (seg) funds simple:

  • Invest in stocks when interest rates are low Interest rates on term deposits pay a very low percentile return per year, whereas the stock market can grown rapidly.
  • Simplified investing You can select an industry or sector, for example, without having to hand-pick each security. The segregated fund manager does this selection process for you. You don’t have to be assessing which stock or bond may or may not be a winner. A seg fund manager is trained to weigh out all the market contingencies which can affect investor performance.
  • Low-cost diversification A small monthly purchase plan can have you moving forward in your segregated fund investments in a day. Your money can buy a piece of many different investments held within one or more funds.
  • Dollar-cost averaging Dollar-cost averaging allows you to buy more seg fund units when the unit values are down, less when they are high, giving you some benefit from downward volatility.
  • Flexible access to your money You can sell your seg fund shares in one day. Your proceeds are available the next day if your money is needed in the short term.
  • Portfolio balancing Choices include the full range of seg fund types and strategies which are available to use such as strategic balancing of your funds holdings.
  • Automatically invest You can automatically invest more in segregated funds at any time or use dollar-cost-averaging.
  • Professional management Segreaged funds have active professional management watching over your investment
  • Segregated funds also offer some certainties Some guarantees are offered or optional as far as principal retention goes or the investor, which are quite different than segregated funds, which may differ according to the segregated fund policy.

Talk to your advisor about how you might benefit from the use of seg funds in your investment planning strategies.




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